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My name is Rebecca W Morris. I create accessible content, amplifying voices and making disability-conscious copy. 

I write about art, music, mental health, and disability, publishing the monthly newsletter, I Don't Give a Spoon. I am Editor-in-chief and contributor to Those Who Were Dancing, a publication about music and its roots. 

I am a subtitler and advanced Spanish speaker. I am also a film and podcast-maker. 


  • Accessible writing – amplifying disabled voices.

  • Teaching English as a second language – writing clear, unbiased copy.  

  • Art and Disability – I am a chronically ill person who has worked for 10+ years in the theatre industry as a director, performer, choir leader, producer and creative mentor for young disabled people. 

  • Editing – managing the design, writing and copy of my newsletter and Medium publication.

  • Social Justice - 5 years+ working in the voluntary sector for campaigns and charities. 

  • Filmmaker. Podcast maker. Subtitler.

  • Voice Over artist for documentaries and films.

  • Spanish-speaker.


  • Generic brand voice.

  • Faceless work without the personal touch. 

  • Lack of creativity. Working in the arts sector as a director and producer gives me a unique spin on things.

  •  Lack of accountability. I approach all work with professionalism, making sure all content is well-researched and ethical.

  • Ableism and non-inclusive copy. I will ensure my content is sensitive and accessible, continuing to learn and train to improve it. 


I highly recommend Rebecca's services. I am extremely pleased with the website she created for me. She took me through all the steps of making a website, patiently and painlessly. The whole job was done quickly to an incredibly professional standard. The design, colour and images used authentically reflected my taste and personality.  The final product was everything I had wished it to be.

Dr Dorothy Wade, Clinical Health Psychologist

A picture of the About section of In The Writer's Mind website and a picture of a laughing black woman with big long hair and a fringe, next to a laughing white woman with shoulder length blonde hair.  The image is in a mustard yellow square surrounded by a dark green background.

Multimedia brand

London UK

"Rebecca from Know Copywriting has been an absolute pleasure to work with! As a Subtitler and Accessibility Advisor for IN THE WRITERS MIND she has demonstrated strong time management skills. As a person she is patient, hardworking, determined and efficient. All these qualities make her an asset to any company she works for."

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The banner of the redfish logo, which is white and has a redfish dotting the 'i' and the phrase, "against the stream" underneath. It is within a dark green square with a mustard yellow background.

Redfish GmbHMedia

Berlin, Germany

"Would highly recommend Rebecca as a copy editor. She works to a very high standard. She accurately changed spelling and grammar to US English, and turned the awkward-looking interview translations into more flowing language, while staying true to the original meaning. I would definitely work with Rebecca again."

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An image of the homepage of the website "Clyde Therapy Services Ltd" within a dark green square with a mustard yellow background.

Clyde Therapy Services,
Therapeutic Practice

Glasgow UK

“Rebecca from Know Copywriting made some insightful and transformative changes to our website when we were just starting up. With English being our second language and so much to do it was such a relief to put that side of the business into her capable hands.”

  • Image by Nick Fewings
A colourful square with the title of Ryan's podcast, "Such a gorgeous paradox" in a mustard yellow square surrounded by a dark green background.

Ryan Campinho-Valadas
Drama Therapist & Podcaster of
'Such A Gorgeous Paradox'

London UK

“Rebecca from Know Copywriting has been a very intuitive and thoughtful copywriter, helping me transform long-form blogs into short and sweet Instagram posts, whilst keeping my voice and tone intact. Love working with her!

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