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The Fatal Femme

The Fatal Femme is a tribute to Marlene Dietrich and classics she has appeared in, such as, The Devil is a Woman and Morocco. The Fatal Femme has appeared at Edinburgh Fringe Festival for Kweer Kabaret, Bar Wotever at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Deep Trash at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club.

The Fatal Femme: Down & Out in Andalusia
Deep Trash Escoria, Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, 22nd September 2018

Reb W Morris’ performance includes spoken word and sound recorded during her time filming the flamenco community in Andalusia, and features her cabaret alter ego The Fatal Femme, based on Marlene Dietrich in the film The Devil is a Woman. The film satirises the concept of the femme fatal in a Carnivelesque depiction of Seville, an orgiastic explosion of desire and its painful endings. Reb recreates her own painful ending, based on her experiences at the time of filming, and the absence of a language to adequately deal with the dark themes of death and heartbreak. The piece explores how the pulse of universal grief can be found within the beat of the flamenco compas.

Photography by Thomas Hensher

Bar Wotever, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 12th June, 2018

Director & performer: Rebecca W Morris
Performer & player: Archie Shuttler

Photography by Lea L'Attententive

The Fatal Femme is a tribute to Marlene Dietrich - that famous scene in the 1939 film, Morocco, where dressed as a man, she kisses a woman. This fatal femme is quite literally, the opposite of the femme fatal. Sexuality and gender is a dance - shifting in darkness and light, evading any meaning to be held in.

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