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Posting: Less Is More?

Beat the algorithm or ‘Be’ the algorithm?

When I started my IG business account, I dutifully went to webinars and read the articles about being a business on social media. There is a lot of ‘beating the algorithm’ content out there. There is talk of a formula.

I was told, “quality over quantity.”

‘Great’! I thought.

Followed by, “As long as you're posting at least 3 times a week!”


Three times a week?

Apparently, posting three times a week is the unofficial baseline for social media marketing.

All I could think was, how can I make quality content if I’m posting three times a week?

And the answer is, I can’t. That is not to say, other people can’t. But it doesn’t work for me. My daily routine includes writing content, newsletters, subtitling videos, teaching, occasional Voice Over work, and in my “free time”, creative writing, singing and sometimes filmmaking. That doesn’t leave much brain space to make my own social media content.

I originally posted twice a week on my Instagram business account, but it wasn’t long before I felt exhausted by even that. The account wasn’t growing very fast, so I was in No Man’s Land. Faced with the decision of either stepping up my ‘Instagram game’ or focusing on my work, improving my long-form content, and only posting when I had capacity to.

My intention hadn’t been to become 'a content creator’ on Instagram, but to connect with people who had similar interests and professions. People that liked art, music, writing, worked as copywriters and who wanted to increase accessibility in the creative industries.

I got sidetracked by the idea of, “beating the algorithms”, or getting lost VS standing out. I forgot that I quite like getting lost, because it was usually how I found myself again.

Can you ‘be’ the Algorithm?

The idea of ‘being’ the algorithm is the idea that YOU set your own rhythm and pace. Only YOU know what you really want. It reminded me of reading magazines as a pre-teen and receiving the message I'd be a social pariah if I didn’t have a handbag for every occasion or get pedicures. Well, since reaching adulthood, I've never had a pedicure. And I don’t carry handbags.

Long story short, social media must work for you, and not against you. Why should we apologise for not updating people on the latest, or feel guilty if we don’t post? This isn’t how it should be.

I have had some lovely interactions on my new Instagram account, although it is a small community. I am in no rush to grow. I don’t want to feel like social media is a chore, otherwise I’d rather not have it at all.

If you want to post every day. Knock yourself out. If you don’t. Don’t. Grow your business on your own terms. Spending less time on social media and more time on fine-tuning your practice, or profession, won’t hurt.

I am a chronically ill person and rest is important. My Instagram community are also mostly chronically ill people, disabled people and allies. Reducing the pressure to publish content reduces the pressure on ourselves, and our buddies.

It’s anti-ableist, anti-capitalist,

and it’s good for the soul.

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