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A picture of a desperate looking woman, in Kate Bush drag, stretching a tape saying, 'fragile' over her chest. She is illuminated by a red light.

About my performances

Throughout my performance art and cabaret career, beginning in 2010 after graduating from a Theatre Studies degree at The University of Glasgow, I have experimented with cabaret, spoken word and political satire, collaborating with other artists and musicians to create live art and musico-cabaret campery for festivals and events. I have showcased work at Camden People's Theatre, Duckie, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, Buzzcut festival in Glasgow, Holloway arts festival, Camden’s Roundhouse, and Summerhall in Edinburgh.


I later began performing as a cabaret artist in London, creating satirical acts such as Dame Theresa & The Whippettes, collaborating with other performers to grapple with the rising of British Nationalism, White Supremacy whilst impersonating a fictional caricature of former  British Prime Minister, Theresa May.


There was also, Kate Push the Pills, a tragi-comic take on a Kate Bush impersonator who struggles with her mental health. I also created a drag persona of old-school comic and BBC darling, Tony Hancock. A later incarnation was my drag persona, The Fatale Femme, a characterisation of movie star actress, Marlene Dietrich, speaking of love, loss and suicide, also referencing Dietrich's film, The Devil is a Woman, set in Seville, including my love of flamenco and ties to Andalusia. My cabaret acts were performed at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London as well as other cabaret venues in London and Edinburgh during the festival in 2018.

You can see posters and images of these acts below and read more about them in the drop-down menu.




Simon Casson, Duckie at Royal Vauxhall Tavern on Dame Theresa:

"After imbibing a double G&T, adopting her posh posture and strapping on her Tory bondage gear, Rebecca transformed herself phoenix-like into a failed dominatrix in the figure of Theresa May fighting off the Whippettes in this messy clubby angry political curio about immigration, white supremacy and power”  

Josephine Giles, Anatomy at Summerhall (Edinburgh) on Dame Theresa: 

"a piece of proper old-school burlesque cabaret: vicious, satirical, transgressive, weird and totally on point!"

Lysander Dove, Bar Wotever at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern:


"Kate Push The Pills brings new meaning to a well-known song, their performance and interpretation adding a sense of energy, anger and poignancy. A dynamic and engaging performer, they kept the audience spellbound throughout."


Audience member at Duckie on Dame Theresa:

"I'm a communist but that was too much!'



Audience member at Camden People's Theatre on Dame Theresa:


“I have no words...but I guess that's the point.”

Audience member at CPT on Dame Theresa:


"Expressionistic and wild. No idea what I was watching but definitely challenging. I spent a lot of the performance with my mouth agape!”

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