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Who am I?

I make films under the name Rebecca María that are both surreal and real-life stories. I write poems and stories under the same nom de plume. 

I also work as a writer, editor, subtitle maker and voice over artist. You can see more about this in the section of my website labelled, 'Writing and Editing Services' with examples of my writing in the dropdown menu. You can see some examples of my work down below and more about my film and sound editing in the dropdown menu of this section. 

En Casa de Mercedes 
is a series of films I made with photographer and videographer Matteo Delred. There are four films, which mean a great deal to us, cementing an important friendship, as we follow the late great Nuria Mercedes (rest in peace, wonderful friend) to learn more about the fascinating world of flamenco. Mercedes was a flamenco artist living the bohemian flamenco lifestyle in Jerez de la Frontera. In these shorts, she spoke to us about the different styles of flamenco that can be found in Jerez, her life there, and we get an incredible and rare sight into her well-studied artistry.

Video Subtitle and Editing

Podcast Producer, "An Interview With Myself"

I interview artists that identify as introverts for online community, Sensitive Introvert Hideout, creating audio-visual podcasts to increase accessibility.

Subtitles, In The Writers Mind

I create high-quality, accessible subtitles for online music brand, INTHEWRITERSMIND.

Visual Soundscapes

Reza por Nosotros

April 2020

Brain Fog

November 2021


July 2022

A Letter to Everbody (subtitled poem)

August 2022


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